1. educational, educatory, instructional, pedagogical, academical; collegiate, college, university, scholastic, school; formal, institutional.
2.All U.S. humanistic, classical, philosophical, scientific, cultural; humanities, liberal arts, literature, language, fine arts, philosophy, natural or social science.
3. theoretical, hypothetical, abstract, notional, ideational, speculative, Archaic. speculatory; unrealistic, impractical, ivory-towerish, Utopian, visionary, starry-eyed, quixotic, chimerical; irrelevant, nongermane, beside the point, immaterial, inappropriate, useless, vain.
4. learned, scholarly, erudite, lettered, literary, well-read, studious, Derog. bookish; cultured, artistic, Inf. arty, Sl. artsy, Inf. longhair or longhaired; well-educated, conversant, versed, well-versed, knowledgeable; intellectual, cerebral, brainy, highbrow or high-browed; pedantic, pedagoguish, professorial, donnish, pompous.
5. conventional, conforming, traditional, orthodox; standard, accepted, ordinary, usual; tradition-bound, rule-bound, uncreative, unimaginative, literal; prosaic, commonplace, trite, stale, hackneyed; vapid, empty, dull, boring.
6. scholar, student, pupil, collegian, co-ed; professor, doctor, master, tutor, fellow, Brit. don, instructor, preceptor, lector, lecturer, docent, teacher, pedagogue, educator; schoolman, scholastic, academician, academe, gownsman.
7. savant, pundit, man of letters, one of the cognoscenti, one of the literati, member of the intelligentsia; intellectual, thinker, Rare. Derog. phrontist, literate, bibliophile; aesthete, Inf. longhair, bluestocking; pedant, pettifogger, hairsplitter; bookworm, highbrow, Inf. egghead, Inf. walking encyclopedia, Inf. know-it-all.

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